I understand that the instructions given throughout the classes are intended as guidance only. I understand that while all due care will be taken by the instructor they cannot be responsible for my improper practice at any time.

    To ensure that no personal injury occurs, I agree to adjust my practice according to my limitations and the decision to perform any yoga postures remains mine.

    I declare that I will take full responsibility for myself during the classes. I will notify my instructor before each class begins of any recent injury, illness, surgery or pregnancy.

    Once you have commenced your course there are no refunds. It is a 7 week consecutive course inclusive of the 7 weeks starting from the commencement date. You are committing to the full length of the course.

    By agreeing with this terms, I further state that I have carefully read the foregoing release and know the contents of thereof, I fully understand it and agree with it, and I accept this terms on my own free act.