Our beautiful studio is the best Townsville has to offer. The owner and sole teacher has 17 years teaching experience. Iyengar trained with the most highly respected teachers in the The Byron Bay shire.


BodyballIntermediate 17.25 - 18.30


Yoga IyengarBeg - Gen17.45 - 19.15
PilatesGeneral19.30 - 20.30


BodyballGeneral17.30 - 18.30


PilatesGeneral17.00 - 18.00
Yoga IyengarBeg - General18.15 - 19.30


Yoga VinyasaGeneral

7.15 - 8.45


  • New Pilates block

    Starts this Tuesday and I’m taking bookings now. A strong class but you are still able to work to your level. Lots of stretch as well as strengthening work involved. We use the resistance tubes which allow us to get deep into the shoulders as well as the yoga wheels and rollers.

  • Bodyball Monday 5.25pm

    Hi All, I have a new block commencing and three spots available in this class. This is my only class that has been booked out for ten years or more with a wait list. Now the time has come with 3 vacancies and no wait list :).  Its intermediate level and a fair level of fitness is required as a pre requisite. Most men love this class. e [email protected] to book.

  • Zoom Classes

    Are you interested in doing class from home? Next week I will begin the Bodyball class on line via zoom. All you require is a fitball (65cm & pumped up well), a yoga mat and to simply register your interest by emailing [email protected] and I will update you directly.